The Architecture

For a panorama a specific type of architecture is needed. Panoramas call for monumental buildings erected on a circular or a polygonal ground plan. Those erected in big cities can measure up to 20 metres in height and up to 40 metres in diameter.

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Plans of Altötting’s panorama building by Georg Völkl, 1902

Looking behind the scenes: indirect lighting, three-dimensional elements and painted canvas, visitors’ platform from below

Altötting’s panorama rotunda was designed for a middle-sized town. It measures 15 metres in height (not including the lantern) and 30 metres in diameter. It is a half-timbered plastered building erected on a twelve-sided polygonal ground plan. A skylight ring running around the roof lights the interior. The domed roof is supported by a large central wooden column. The entire building is a masterpiece of carpentry.